Strobroy Rough Collies




Legacys Secret Rendevous Shcm


Legacys Finnigins Revival x American Champion Legacys Sweet Magnolia

This is Taylin - my adopted doggie! He is owned and loved by my very good friend Sheila Gorley and Sue Ritter (his breeder) and is a frequent visitor to us here at Strobroy. He loves swimming and travelling on trains. Not to mention in the foot well of my car also!

Taylins story is really quite a sad one but with a happy ending. He basically went to Sheila as a rescue. He was bred by the famous Legacy kennel in America but was sent to a breeder in Croatia He was bathed with a cold hose on a daily basis to keep coat and was forced into a regimented training regime which he just hated. He didn't eat and would not body up and when he came to the UK he was very frail. Sheila took him on with absolutely no expectation at all for showing. She just wanted to give him a home here he knew what love was. Sheila has put blood sweat and tears into Taylin gaining his trust and getting him in great condition! It has paid off because not only has he got a Reserve Challenge Certificate he now has  his Show Certificate of Merit. Not bad for a dog who wouldn't eat or show! He can still be wary of men but once he knows they are ok he is fine and comes round. I love Taylin to bits and I call him my adopted doggie because that's what he is!

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