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21st May 2006 - 19th June 2013

Caliph - The Golden Bhoy



Well it all started way back in January 2008…. I had a beautiful blue puppy dog named Strobroy Optical Enigma and I had agreed to swap him for a young tri-colour dog named Zenith – now known as Champion Wicani Aniesh Above And Beyond. We started out on the journey to Wicani in Driffield in England very early in the morning with our little blue puppy Chakra.  We finally met Zenith but something wasn’t quite right… don’t get me wrong he was and still is a beautiful dog but we didn’t “click”. I was very down as I was so looking forward to this wonderful tri colour dog joining our family but it just wasn’t happening. Then a conversation came about Caliph – I remember the day like It was yesterday! Angela went to the kennel to get Caliph for us to view and we patiently waited. At that time of year the trees had over grown the path on the grass hills of Wicani  and it was a very dark winters day, then all of a sudden this beautiful dog came bounding over the hill and down through the branches and before me emerged a beautiful stunning tri colour dog! He came right over and jumped up on me wagging his tail. At that moment I knew Caliph was coming home with me. Normally when both myself and husband are in the car together it’s always a fight to see who gets control of the car…. We are both terrible passengers but there was no fight that day – I sat in the back with my new found friend as we bonded on the long trip home.

The first year was touch and go as we quickly discovered that Caliph was very sensitive and he was obviously missing his kennel mates but slowly with lots of love he blended in and settled as part of our family and over that year our bond got stronger and stronger. Caliph became my soul mate, my other half, my right hand man so to speak. We did try and show him for a few years but having entered the show ring as a yearling dog he just hated it. We tried so hard and decided in the end that he just wasn’t for the show ring which was a shame because Caliph was a beautifully constructed dog and a great example of the breed. His temperament was second to none and anyone who met him commented on this. He was a very enchanting soul to say the least and he had me spell bound from very early on.

Many years ago as I have written on here on another page I was seriously assaulted which led to a brain injury which causes me to have black out seizures. Caliph had no formal training what so ever for this type of illness but our relationship and bond was so strong that he became very skilled in the art of telling me I was soon going to have a turn. On many occasions he saved my life. With his constant barking at times when I have went to go out meant something was wrong and I should stay at home. Had I went out I would have had a turn at the wheel and quite possibly would not be here today. Caliph literally did save my life at times. He was also very loyal and very protective of our family and me in particular. He would protect me to the end if need be and also my daughter who has additional support needs.

Caliph taught me what a bond between animal and human actually is. He knew my most inner secrets and I swear sometimes when I looked into his eyes he understood what I was saying. When I was in bed ill, he never left my side. Nothing would persuade him away from my bed until he knew I was well again and when I left the bed that’s when he left the bed. He travelled with me through many hard times with my ill health and never turned his back on me. He taught me unconditional love and no matter how hard times got Caliph was always there asking for nothing in return but food in his belly, exercise and lots of love. 

Over the last few years his health went downhill and at times very quickly. On 3 occasions we thought were going to lose him but he always came fighting back. He suffered from gastric reflux and was quite often sick but he never let it get him down. We started to get really worried about him over the last year but again he seemed to fight back and was good old Caliph again in no time even to the point of mating a bitch not so long ago so with that we thought and our vet thought that he was back to his old self.  Our vet was baffled as to what it was and so were we… He seemed to be aging real quick and even though he loved his runs in the countryside and out on the beach this was becoming more of an effort for him. Still nothing was showing any obvious reason.

Then without warning Caliph went downhill within a matter of hours. Our vet was on standby but this time Caliphs fighting spirit was no longer visible. He had given in. His liver and kidneys had stopped working, he was fitting and his body was shutting down. No matter how hard we all tried and our team of vet staff, saving Caliph this time was not to be and unfortunately the damage was not repairable this time.

At 9am on Wednesday 19th June Caliph passed over to the world of spirit in my arms. The strong willed spirited dog I had once known had had enough and didn’t have the energy or any more fight left in him. As he lay in the vets in my arms I quietly whispered to him that I loved him and thanked him for the happy years and memories I have of him and told him that it was okay to go to sleep and that he didn’t have to be scared. Caliph quietly slipped away in my arms free from pain.

Although born and bred in England he was my William Wallace! He fought very hard with sheer loyalty and never giving in right to the very end until he had no fight left. We will never ever forget our “Golden Bhoy” and a huge hole has been left in our lives. We don’t know at this moment and time how we can move on from this. He was my special friend whom I adored with all my life and if I could swap places with him I would do so in a heartbeat!

Sleep tight my friend – I will always love you!!!

This is how I remember Caliph - his beautiful shining spirit!

Rest In Peace my Friend!

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