Strobroy Rough Collies

Our aim and our plans for the future

Our aim in the dog world is nothing but this first and foremost - our dogs are happy with great temperaments and health stats to match.

We have kept Rough Collies now for some years and no matter what route we decided to take with showing and breeding I can never live my life without the love and loyalty of the Collie.

After taking seriously ill and not being able to work I was so grateful to have the companionship and I literally owe my life to our Collies.

I cannot let this page go any further without a massive shout out to my kids and my dog walker. Strobroy could not continue without these people. I cannot walk for long periods of time and a few years back I had to make the decision to either leave dogs or employ help. Never could I imagine not having a dog around so I decided to employ a dog walker in the form of Pauline Muir from PollyPaws dog walking service. Pauline has been a life saver. She isn’t your average dog walker who walks 10 and 12 dogs at a time. She does not pile her car up with all different clients. Each client is on an individual basis and she puts so much time, effort and love into what she does. She has an extra special bond with our dogs and is as close to them as what we are. I would be lost without her and for that I thank you Pauline from the bottom of my heart! My kids also have daily duties of dog walking and they are a massive part of the grooming and again I would be completely lost without them.

I am very blessed to be able to share my life with these dogs and if my dreams never ever came true then that is fine… I can look back and say I tried but with my health being in the state it is in I never know what is going to happen next. Over the last while I have had to think seriously about my dreams and my aspirations and what I hope to achieve. I have had to make some heart breaking decision to enable me to move forward and let me tell you it wasn’t easy. But I had to do it. I had to think to the future and where I am going and what I want to do so with that I did make some decisions for the right reasons.

So what do we hope to achieve. Well we are hoping to have a litter of Collies which will be our first in some years. We plan to breed Solo to Flame and hope for mini little Solos. What a dog he is from his nature to his conformation. He is a one in a lifetime dog. We hope to keep the health priorities extremely high on the list and temperament and movement are a must. I hate seeing collies just shuffling around. This is a working breed so therefore shuffling would not allow the dog to carry out a days work. I love a nice long stride from the dog halting to a natural free stack pulling himself together, arching that neck and bringing those ears up as he hears something in the distance. But most importantly... we just want our dogs to be happy.

So like i said.... watch this space. We have some very exciting plans in the making and we hope that these will start to come to fruition in the very near future! I have gained and lost lots of friends in the dog world but those true friends have remained. They have supported me and kept me going at times when i felt i just couldnt go on. Without them i would not have the determination i have and its not easy when your health is not 100% but you know what.... i might be down but im most certainly not out. While i am breathing i will be pushing and pushing so watch this space!!!!!

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