Strobroy Rough Collies

 Phoenix - Our very own Legend!

12th march 2008 - 4th april 2016

Phoenix was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and was given sleep to stop any further suffering. We are still trying to come to terms with it and I'm sure it will take us some time. We remember Phoenix for the beautiful and feisty spirit that she was. 

Sleep tight Phoeny Bubbles 

     Wicani Whats New Pussycat - always a Champion in my eyes

                                  Coarhabeg Jewel In The Crown at Wicani

Well Phoenix joined us at around 13 weeks of age nearly 7 years ago now. At that time we had had a litter from our first bitch Stronvar Bluebell of Strobroy - Krystal, but they weren't what we were expecting. The chosen sire of this litter was in fact Khan but they didn't meet what my vision was going to be for my keeper but none the less I kept a bitch called Pagan (now called Jodi). We were prepared to move on with this home bred bitch then all of a sudden Phoenix's litter was on the ground and of course their sire was Khan. We already had a couple of dogs at home and we felt that we had to make a choice if we wanted to take one of these puppies so we let our keeper go to friends on breeding terms. A few months went past and Phoenix was ready to join our family. Very soon Phoenix joined our family!

The last 7 years with Phoenix has been great time but also some sad times too. We had her mated to Ch Flamin Legend Darian with Wicani and she was scanned at 4 weeks with a belly full of puppies. We were absolutely over the moon and couldn't wait for the puppies but then at 6 weeks things didn't sit well with her. I took her back to the vet and she was rescanned and we were told there was nothing. Whether she had reabsorbed or the first scan was infact read wrong we will never know - but that was hard. We were so looking forward to it! We had tried to show her a few times in between but she was murder for growing coat and toning up. She has always been very athletic looking so not really too great for the show ring but we patiently waited for her next season to come along. The day came for her to be mated and she kicked up such a fuss! She was ready there was no doubt about that. We by this time owned Ch Flamin Legend Darian  with Wicani so we had him here and were hoping the breeding would be text book but no chance. Each day came and gone until the last day she was slowly going over but would just refuse point blank to have this dog even sniff her let alone mount her. A telephone conversation later and we decided to put Phoenix 2 (as he was known) back in his kennel and try our other dog - Wicani The Classic Touch at Strobroy - Caliph. For those who know me or come to my site Caliph needs no introduction. Caliph came out the kennel and mounted her without so much as a curled lip from this little lady! We had a successful tie! Who would have believed that half an hour before she refused to let another dog mate her but she didn't with Caliph. 9 weeks later we had wonderful puppies!!! After 3 long nights of false alarms might I add!!

Phoenix was spayed last year after giving us just the one litter and she enjoys just lazing around on the sofa. She is very much a daddies girl and comes to life when my husband comes home from work. She has been a joy to live with and we owe her everything. Thank you to Angela and Keith for allowing Phoenix to come here and thank you for giving us that base and foundation to work with.

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